Trak4u Ad Tracking Service

Trak4u is the best ad tracking service of its kind I have found for the money. You get an ad tracker, a URL cloaker and a rotator all in one place.

Ad tracking is a vital to your success.  If you are not tracking each and every ad you place, you are wasting time and money.

Gina Sprenkle-Gunning is an experienced admin and a top marketer.  Trak4u is an ad tracking service and it is the latest offering to be added to her portfolio of advertising related web sites.

You can join as a free member but you are limited in the number of advertisements that you will be able to track.
I think the Trak4u ad tracking service is the best ad tracking service you will find for a low annual fee.

If your budget allows it, I highly recommend that you choose the reseller membership option which is less than $20.00 per year.  With this membership level, you will be able to track an unlimited number of advertisements. For those wishing to help their downline, you will appreciate the rotator that the Trak4u service has.

If you are placing ads at 50 different text ad exchanges and not using a different tracker at each exchange, how do you know which of the 50 is generating leads for you and is worth your time?

The answer is, ‘You don’t know.’  and by not knowing you’re spending time posting to exchanges that are not producing and this is costing you money because time is money.

Trak4u will let you find out which deserve your time and which to drop so you can add others to test.

Every time you drop a non-producer and find another that is producing, your chances of increasing your income just rose.

Can you afford not having an ad tracking service like Trak4u?

Grab the Trak4u ad tracking membership level that fits your budget today and enjoy the best ad tracking service there is for the money!

If you’ve ever used banner advertising, you know how important it is to track the ad campaigns you have running. You need to know things like:

How many times the banner was shown (impressions).
How many times the banner was clicked.
The percentage of clicks to impressions. (The higher the percentage the better for you because it means your banner is attracting visitors.)
Cost per impression, if any.
Cost per Click, if any.
Whether you are properly targeting your banner to the right audience.

The Slamhits Banner exchange is a free to join banner exchange that gives webmasters the opportunity to earn an unlimited number of banner impressions while targeting the audience they wish to have see their banners. If the administration of this exchange doesn’t have the targeting category that fits your needs, they’ll entertain the possibility of adding it for you. See what the Slamhits Banner Exchange looks like in action.

What you call your URL Tracking system doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you use either a free or paid system. Most of the free options have limitations on the statistics gathered and different paid options offer different statistics too. Decide what information you need before you implement and system. As a webmaster, I use a combination of different systems to meet my needs and you should too as you build your business, learn more about what statistics you need from your visitors and whether you want your ad tracker to also be an income stream.

One of the tools you might consider for your marketing arsenal is called The New Plan network (NPN). NPN is both an income opportunity and a source for some very useful tools for $10 a month.

URL Tracking System / URL Rotator!
Set-and-Forget Recruiting System!
NPN Browser Toolbar!
Unique Referral Distribution System!
Multi-Program Downline Builder!
Unlimited Banner Impressions!
NPN Internal Messaging System!
NPN Followup Autoresponder!
“Set and Forget” Autoresponder System!
NPN Leads Blaster! Monthly Downloads!
Internal Traffic Exchange System! (Coming Soon)
Autoresponder Lead Co-ops! (Coming Soon)

The URL Tracker / URL Rotator lets you put 5 of your URL’s into rotation so you can only promote the 1 URL that you create within NPN. This tracker records the IP address of your visitor, the date they visited and the time of their visit. You can get trackers that provide the above statistics for less but they often require you to have your own domain, web hosting account and ad tracking script. NPN gives you and me the opportunity to have a tracker and rotator combined in a single tool plus the ability to advertise NPN while promoting our current business. The NPN lead capture pages are tied into the responder system so it’s not necessary to think about the messages being sent to prospects. You can place several banners in your NPN Member’s Area so anyone that joins NPN from your referral link sees the businesses you are promoting and you can buy very reasonably priced leads and place them in the NPN responders to promote NPN or any other business you’re in. Don’t you think $10 a month is a very reasonable price to pay for a URL Tracker, additional tools and a chance to create multiple income streams with minimal effort?

You decide if the NPN URL Tracker fits into your budget and overall business plan.

I’ve been talking about different ad tracking methods the last few weeks and even reviewed a piece of software to help track your advertising.

This short post is to remind you of the reason you should be tracking every ad, every component of the ad, every piece of your advertising literature and every step of the entire promotional process, sale and customer retention system.

Customer retention is as, if not more, important than customer acquisition because it is much easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than generate new ones but many marketers either don’t have a customer retention plan or fail to track the effectiveness of the plan they do have.

You could be wasting time or money in acquiring new customers if you aren’t tracking every element of your marketing campaign.

Never forget you are marketing to build a business and the more information you have on every aspect of that business helps you adapt and improve it which helps put money in your pocket.

Using Ad Tracking Script built into Safelists

Many of the safelists found online today have ad tracking systems built into the scripts. The ad tracking feature is often reserved for upgraded membership levels but a few allow free members to create at least one ad tracking URL. If you’re just starting out and have a tight budget, join some safelists as a free member to see if they offer an ad tracking service as part of the membership.

Note: Safelist advertising generates a lot of email so be prepared to receive hundreds if not thousands of ads per day. Check the new messages that arrive to both your contact email address and your safelist subscribe email addresses for any offers of free Platinum or Executive memberships. These membership levels will allow you to send your ads every 12 to 24 hours and they often include the ability to create 10 or more ad tracking URL’s.

Most of the ad tracking systems built into safelists just give you a raw hit count but they give you some idea of the effectiveness of the ad. I’ve used both the tracking scripts built into safelists and scripts dedicated to ad tracking and found the dedicated to provide a more accurate hit count.

Please remember that there is a wide variety of ad tracking systems and they range in price from free to paid and from the basic number of click-thrus to full statistics that tell you where the hit came from, when and much more. The success of your business partly depends on your ability and willingness to track everything to see what works, what doesn’t and how changing any single element either improves or reduces the response rate. Ad tracking with a safelist script is just one of many ways to start tracking your business advertising for free or inexpensively.