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Free Ad Tracking with Email Addresses

Ad tracking with email addresses is another great way to see how effective your promotions are for free. I used this method once in awhile in the past but I find the response rate does drop some because of several factors:

People are often reluctant to give a real email address.

Respondents often use a junk email address they don’t check very often.

They forget why they requested more information from you before your email arrives. (Most people want instant gratification and the Internet is a way to get it.)

Some people won’t read text based messages and some won’t read HTML based messages so you need your messages in both formats for the widest possible audience.

Many email messages are never delivered because of the aggressive SPAM filters that have been implemented by ISP’s.

You can use email addresses in two different ways to test your ads:

  1. Create 2 ads that have only one component that’s different. i.e. Different Headlines. Use a different email address for each ad. Example addresses: and the 2nd might be
  2. Create 2 ads that have only one component that’s different. i.e. Different Headlines. Use a different subject for each ad. Example: or

Either method works sometimes. Things that can go wrong:

Some email clients will not automatically pick up the subject and place it in the message so you know which ad is being responded to.

Your mail client may not filter the responses into the correct folder so you can quickly respond.

The auto-responder you have attached to the email address has a technical glitch and doesn’t reply.

Your computer gets invested with a virus or worm and your prospect receives a virus or worse when you reply.

You will have to compile your own statistics when using this tracking method. This can be done by counting the number of responses and recording the time each message came in will let you know when your prospects are seeing and responding to your messages. Using email addresses as a free ad tracking method gives you some raw data and it also serves as a filter because the merely curious are less likely to take the time to respond. Have you had experiences with ad tracking by email that you wish to share?

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