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Using Ad Tracking Script built into Safelists

Many of the safelists found online today have ad tracking systems built into the scripts. The ad tracking feature is often reserved for upgraded membership levels but a few allow free members to create at least one ad tracking URL. If you’re just starting out and have a tight budget, join some safelists as a free member to see if they offer an ad tracking service as part of the membership.

Note: Safelist advertising generates a lot of email so be prepared to receive hundreds if not thousands of ads per day. Check the new messages that arrive to both your contact email address and your safelist subscribe email addresses for any offers of free Platinum or Executive memberships. These membership levels will allow you to send your ads every 12 to 24 hours and they often include the ability to create 10 or more ad tracking URL’s.

Most of the ad tracking systems built into safelists just give you a raw hit count but they give you some idea of the effectiveness of the ad. I’ve used both the tracking scripts built into safelists and scripts dedicated to ad tracking and found the dedicated to provide a more accurate hit count.

Please remember that there is a wide variety of ad tracking systems and they range in price from free to paid and from the basic number of click-thrus to full statistics that tell you where the hit came from, when and much more. The success of your business partly depends on your ability and willingness to track everything to see what works, what doesn’t and how changing any single element either improves or reduces the response rate. Ad tracking with a safelist script is just one of many ways to start tracking your business advertising for free or inexpensively.

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