Trak4u Ad Tracking Service

If you’ve ever used banner advertising, you know how important it is to track the ad campaigns you have running. You need to know things like:

How many times the banner was shown (impressions).
How many times the banner was clicked.
The percentage of clicks to impressions. (The higher the percentage the better for you because it means your banner is attracting visitors.)
Cost per impression, if any.
Cost per Click, if any.
Whether you are properly targeting your banner to the right audience.

The Slamhits Banner exchange is a free to join banner exchange that gives webmasters the opportunity to earn an unlimited number of banner impressions while targeting the audience they wish to have see their banners. If the administration of this exchange doesn’t have the targeting category that fits your needs, they’ll entertain the possibility of adding it for you. See what the Slamhits Banner Exchange looks like in action.

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