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Advert Tracker Ad Tracking Software Review

Advert Tracker is an affordable ad tracking software script that tells you how effective your advertising is.

You can guess at the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns or you can use this software or something similar to know how effective your ads are. There are a lot of different software programs that will help you track your ads as well as other methods we’ll discuss in future posts. This message is about my experiences with the Advert Tracker script.

The Advert Tracker software is a CGI script that must be installed on the server of your domain by you or someone you hire to do it for you. I have limited experience installing scripts and it took me quite awhile to figure this one out but only because I didn’t understand that the path I needed to enter was to go all the way to the root of the server. Once I figured this out, modifying the files as stated in the instructions was straight forward and went well.

Uploading the files and modifying the permissions was easy.

Initial access went well and the creation of the test file was easy and intuitive. Note: The ID you give new campaigns is limited in length and should be descriptive.

Instructions on how to log in are included in the setup instructions that come with the advert tracking script.

Creating new ad campaign trackers is a straight forward process that doesn’t need explained.

After and ID is created, you are shown a page that says: ˜The requested account has been added to the system.’ instead of being shown the URL that you need to use which looks like The phrase after the ? mark is the ID you gave your campaign.

To return to the Advert Tracker Admin page, you need to press the back button on your browser twice.Not having the created URL displayed so it can be tested and then an easy way to return to the admin area is a minor quirk that can be lived with in this very affordable ad tracking software.      

When an ad tracking campaign has been completed, you can delete the ad tracker you created but you will need to use the browser’s back button to return to the admin area.

After returning to the admin area using the browser’s back button, you need to do a screen refresh before you’ll see any changes.

You must test the ad tracking URL you created to ensure it works and to have a stats file for that ad tracker created.

You can reset the stats after testing and the empty stats file will remain in place.  

The bottom line is this $25 piece of ad tracking software is well worth the effort required to install it on your server so you can brand your domain by using an advertising link with it in it even if you are promoting an affiliate site. You can find out more about the software by clicking this advert tracking link.

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